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Joseph McElroy

NetBehaviour Community Newspaper

A community newspaper is committed to serving and building a local community by providing news and information to enhance the quality of life and to forge community bonds. A paper such as this provides a means of recording events; it tells the history of this community as it happens. The paper also defines this community; it defines it as a society. It gives it identity.

The NetBehaviour Community Paper republishes articles from the local papers (mainly small circulation papers) submitted by NetBehaviour subscribers around the world in the form of a daily paper. The classified section advertise artists' services, rhetoric and needs.

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The Artists
Joseph and Donna McElroy are founders of the Corporate Performance Artists, a young company with a growing track record of successfully empowering businesses and non-profits to better communicate with their constituents and community. We are dedicated to utilizing the power of technology and creativity to stimulate increased communication and thereby increased prosperity at both the individual organization level and at the community level.

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