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NetBehavior List Residencies

An ongoing in-house project built by users of this list

This is an in-house, networked artist/curator/writer residency built by users of the NetBehaviour list lasting for 2 weeks where a practicioner's work is seen, as part of the list experience, adding different kind of authentic stuff to the list- exploring more than debate alone, through behaviour.


Joseph McElroy: NetBehaviour Community Paper
A community newspaper is committed to serving and building a local community by providing news and information to enhance the quality of life and to forge community bonds. ....September 2005
Rich White: Joint Picture Generation (JPG)
A single .jpg which develops through list member collaboration. An initial image is posted by the artist. List members then work on/in/over the image and post it back....July 2005
Jason Nelson: 24 interfaces for 24 artists
Exploring interface and interactive creatures with content grabbed, thrust, stolen, and borrowed from new media artists, poets and electronic pioneers ...June 2005
Mez: Angelle
TimeSpace collapsing jittering[thru code.s[ym.b(ch)olic(acid)pangles & mobile co[mmunication]ndensing, yes.... July 2004
Brad Brace: 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project
...But perhaps the function of disappearing is a vital one. Perhaps this is how we react as living beings, as mortals, to the threat of an immortal universe, the threat of a definitive reality. ... March 2004

Brief info about Residencies: -
- Residencies last for 2 weeks
- Maximum size of image per post- 35k
- Maximum number of posts - every six hours
- Minimum nuber of posts - one a day

What type of work? Anything proposed by net artists, new media academics, soft groups, net writers, code geeks, new nedia producers, net/new media curators, net/new media activists, networkers, new media performers, net sufi's, psychogeographical explorers, net artist blogs, net communities etc...

How Resident Artists are selected
Any member on the list can suggest a potential resident artist. The list members vote for a resident - it takes 7 yes votes... but if there are 8 votes against, the residency does not happen for that individual/group. Rules change and adapt according to suggestions by active list members.

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