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Rich White

Joint Picture Generation (JPG)
The Composite Image Challenge

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View the posts and responses to the residency in the NetBehaviour Archive Date: 05/07/05 - 20/07/05

A single .jpg which develops through list member collaboration. An initial image is posted by the artist. List members then work on/in/over the image and post it back. The artist then creates a composite of all list member submissions, works on/in/over this image and posts it back to the list. This process repeats until the end of the residency.
The few rules are as follows:
- only the resident is restricted to black and white. list members may add any imagery.
- the image must remain the same dimensions in pixels.
- the image may be transfered to flash or other vector software, photographed off the screen, anything list members can think of to manipulate the image. but it must return to the list as a .jpg.

About Rich White
Rich White has been making artwork using digital technology since 1998 and net.based works since 2003. He is interested in how art becomes valuable, why it has meaning, and where this meaning and value comes from. He also likes looking at things in a different way, censoring things, removing things from view and making things look unusual.

Artist website: www.counterwork.co.uk

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